This vocational training program was established in 2015 since then we have trained about 40 students each year (20 of first year and 20 second year). The curriculum designed specifically to promote the agriculture sector since Battambang is one of the main contributor in agriculture production in Cambodia. It is two years program (20 months), Monday to Friday from 7:30 AM till 4:30 PM. The course covers both theory and practice. Students will have many assignments to complete and learn to research on the internet. They will get the chance to assist in providing service on the campus or work from outside clients. All students have to do an internship in a company and write a thesis.

The target group for those young people with at least grade 9 (either pass or fail) and especially those who came from poor family. New enrollment is open each between August and September (specific date will be announce about 1 month earlier) and by following the steps below:

  1. Visit the school to fill up the application form (Specific date will be announced)
  2. Student must come with their parents​ or guardian for interview (specific date will be announce or called by the school)
  3. Within a week, the result will be announce as your application will be accepted or not.

Contribution to the school will be different from one student to another since It is depending on the family economic evaluation. It is about 15 to 20 USD per month or about 150 per year.


Basic Subjects:

  • Technical Drawing
  • Basic Computer
  • English Language
  • Moral
  • Sport

Core Subjects:

  • Automotive (Small Engine, Vehicles Engine, Electrical system for Vehicles)
  • Welding (Gas welding, Electric welding, Tig Mig welding)
  • Electrical ( Electrical system, Air-con, Motor control)
  • Metal cutting and bending
  • Safety at work
  • General work