This kindergarten till High school program benefit to about 650 students each year. Our curriculum are following the standard of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport with additional activities in adopting to the Don Bosco Preventive System.

Most of its beneficiaries came from poor family which is our main target group. As to keep this mission sustainable and can be benefit to maximum of people. We had a selection team who is in charge of screen, evaluating and request them to contribute to the school according to their family economic.

The school open for 30 new students in each level every year and the enrollment is open during the month November (the specific date will be announced a few week before) and the priority will give to those from poorer family. As following this procedure:

  1. Filling up the form by visit the school (Specific date will be announce)
  2. Student must come with their parents​ or guardian for interview (specific date will be announce or called by the school)
  3. Within a week, the result will be announce as your application will be accepted or not.

Contribution​ or donation to the school will be different from one student to another since It is depending on the family economic evaluation. For more information please contact Mr. Oum Sinath +855 96 73 33 896/ Headmaster of VITHAYALAI DON BOSCO BATTAMBANG(Angdaung Chenh).